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Friday, 18 February 2011

I larfed till I cried.

On December 10, 2009, Greenpeace took its message to save the climate (summit in Copenhagen) directly to EU Heads of State who were gathering in Brussels. Activists managed, to their own surprise, to step onto the red carpet, where they delivered their “EU, save Copenhagen” message in front of the cameras.


Eleven people were subsequently charged with “Using False Documents”, and one of them was also charged with “Producing False Documents”, on the presumption that his press accreditation has been used. Defendants come from Belgium, the Netherlands, UK and France and they face sentences up to five years.

I’m laughing not that that they might be jailed. I think that would be wrong in this case. But the Righteous at Greenpeace always seem to think that their greenthink trumps the law of the land.

There’s a great wailing and gnashing of teeth going on over at their site


  1. "There’s a great wailing and gnashing of teeth going on over at their site" ..

    You sure that's not " .. a great Whaling and gnashing ... " FE ?

  2. Are you sure this story is correct? I didn't see it on the BBC.

  3. On the BBC. Don't make me Larf. Do you think that lot of left wing tossers who have a large amount of their pension fund in green energy, would publicise something like that.

  4. Wonderful, lefties are experiencing the logical actions of an unaccountable unelected organisation - one which they have constantly supported. I bet they can't see the contradiction though.


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