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Monday, 21 February 2011

Don’t eat or drink anything. It’ll kill you.

What is it with these so called health experts? Why can’t they leave us alone?

So how much red meat CAN we eat?

Latest warning suggests too much will cause cancer.

Adults will be advised to eat no more than 500g a week –the equivalent of just three rashers of bacon a day.

A group of leading doctors will today brand ministers’ strategy for tackling Britain’s booze culture ‘inconsequential’ and blame ministers for being ‘too close’ to the drinks industry.

And even more doom mongering.

But the bitter truth is that a small bottle of flavoured water can contain as much sugar as a plate of Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

The most popular brand, Volvic’s Touch of Fruit in lemon and lime, has 27.5g of sugar in its standard 500ml bottle – equivalent to almost seven teaspoons.

What'’s more, the articles were all in the same paper. Can’t we have a bit less of  the “We’re all going to die”, for a change?

I wonder if I can retreat behind a paywall?


  1. Next they will be saying beer causes cancer. Now that would be disappointing!

  2. After reading this,
    while having my cornflakes, along with news of cyclones, floods, droughts, global warming and impending carbon taxes etc I propose to have a few beers (or more) and pray that the doomsayers quickly succumb to their prophesies.

    Douglas Addams was right and we should rapidly employ the Golgafrincham Solution.

  3. I knew I should have checked my spelling. Should have been Douglas adams. My apologies.

  4. This healthist doom shit really pisses me off.

    Just like the old 5 a day myth, if you elected to eat 5 Dates a day as your 5 Righteous fruits, thats the same as drinking 9 tins of coke per day. You might even shit really well!

  5. "Adults will be advised to eat no more than 500g a week –the equivalent of just three rashers of bacon a day" ...

    Bet that went down like a fart in a space-suit in Synagouges & Mosques the length & breadth of Britain .. eh ?

  6. I'll just have to do the right thing and condemn myself to an early death by eating their portions.


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