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Monday, 28 February 2011

Children of Allah

Will these spread into the middle east vacuum?

I fear they will. However our government will be on the back foot as always and be too late to have any influence in the failed states. Expect more bombs in the UK. In future, iDave,  don’t be too quick to scrap our aircraft carriers and the harriers that fly from them.  


  1. A thoroughly worrying clip .. and a totally compelling argument for the delivery of a bucketful of "Instant Sunshine" to Sudan methinks ..

    Like they say .. "Get 'em when they're young" .. and they won't grow up to get you ..

  2. Propoganda value.

    Imagine the headlines from the commy bastard Mail, Guardian, and the rest of the media scum; "British/U.S/name country troops kill children in Afghanistan"?

  3. I think we're in for troubling times ahead.


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