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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

CACC. Get off your arses you lazy buggers.

The CACC (Campaign against climate change, Honorary President, George Monbiot), really are a lazy bunch. If they have such a popular organisation, complete with editorial staff. Why do they only manage one post every two months?

They even have a forum where the last contribution was 4th December 2010. I have a feeling that they are not getting the support as their once hyped , “We’re all doomed “, scenario has become old hat to the general populace, as more and more people are questioning the science behind the scam.

Here is their latest attempt to garner support. I wonder how many will attend. Maybe I should bolster the numbers.

Confronting the Climate Emergency in an era of "austerity"

1.00 pm - 6.00 pm, Room B04, Birkbeck University, Malet Street, London WC1E 7HX (map here)

Join us in discussing ...

  • What can we do to get the urgent action we need to confront the climate crisis during the coming  year?
  • What are the key considerations about the current political scene?  And the social and economic scene, media climate etc. etc.
  • Bullding the climate movement nationally and internationally.
  • Putting climate back at the heart of the national debate
  • Radical solutions / Building a Zero Carbon Britain / Million Climate Jobs
  • Concrete ideas for action.

Form groups with others with similar interests / ideas within the campaign.... to convert ideas into real action.

Get involved, learn from others, bring your ideas... get active in the fight against the greatest threat to humanity we've ever seen...

Point 1. Bugger all, The country has no money>

Point 2. I suppose you’ve got that twat Huhne as an ally.

Point 3. I think that you’ll find that the average man in the street has more to worry about in the financial climate gripping the world.

Point 4. Don’t make me larf. See Point 3.

Point 5. Build more nuclear power stations is the simple answer. A million climate jobs subsidised by the taxpayer is a drain on the economy that we can’t afford. Please read economy 101.

Point 6. Do nothing.

CACC. There you are. No need to travel and use up precious carbon getting there.

*10,000,000 tons of carbon were emitted by this blog post  construction*

1 comment:

  1. I disagree over point 6 - "Concrete ideas for action."

    Why not bury the climate alarmists in the foundations of wind turbines. This will have two beneficial effects:

    1) Reduce the number of them left to keep spouting their crap, and
    2) Weaken the foundations so causing the early demise of said useless structures...


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