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Friday, 7 January 2011

Those cuts

Last night 1watched the local news where the head of Kent county council was put to the task of justifying £95 million in cuts. What was so interesting was the fact that he could shed 1500 jobs without a reduction in services. The question I would have liked to ask him would be, what the fuck do those 1500 actually do?

He further tied himself up in knots when he pronounced that elderly care would be shifted to the private sector. Why? Because the private sector could care for the elderly cheaper and more efficiently, was his reply. FFS again. In that case O chief executive, why did you even dabble in care if you could only do it inefficiently?

Then again, Kent wouldn’t have been in this state if they hadn’t invested most of their reserves into an Icelandic bank. £50 million smackers they lost.

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  1. That rings a bell!

    It wouldn't surprise me if the cost of private sector was 'cheaper' due to the 'in house' sector using an inflated sum, of which a certain amount was used as bribe money - keeping pals in employment. You'll get the picture from 'Confessions of an economical hit-man':


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