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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Nudge Nudge wink wink.

Look you Fucktards in the Coalition. I don’t want to be nudged by a shower of wankers pretending to know what they’re talking about. As far as I’m concerned the majority of politicians have never held down a job in the real world, but just live in Lala land, and spout their illiberal claptrap. You are elected by, we the people, to do our bidding as we see fit and not to be our rulers.

Tunisia may be the start that quite a few of us see coming in the future, as your control is broken when the masses of the British population wake up and realise the slavery that you are attempting to deliver on us. (My God. I’m sounding like a left wing reactionary here).

If I want to smoke, drink, eat fatty foods, and all the other enjoyable pastimes, that at least makes my life palatable. ITS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

Freedom in a truly democratic society, is to allow the individual to make choices as long as it doesn’t conflict with others’ choices.

I don’t want to hear your wailing that the NHS can’t cope, whilst you throw money at India in development aid. FFS, it’s got a space programme. We haven’t, so why throw money into an emerging economy that will outstrip ours in the next few years.

Why are you allowing that ecoloone  Huhne spunk away billions on useless wind turbines that don’t deliver 30% of their rated  capacity at the best, and actually cost us more when the winds don’t blow?

Why are we bailing out the Eurozone when we are not even it, and the majority of the population want out of the EU anyway?

I do not want to be nudged into accepting that the so called consultation exercises will change anything. We’ve seen the spin after Clegg equated  repealing the death penalty, with the smoking ban.

I don’t want to be nudged into anything.  I would hope to nudge my elbow sharply into the Adam’s apple of the state ensuring that it dies an extremely slow and painful death.

*I’m not too harsh am I?*


  1. No!
    Couldn't have put any of it any better myself.

  2. I remember a member of staff creeping to my department manager - He was saying what a wonderful barn conversion she had and she announced how they'd done this that and the other ---- I, rather loudly from the smoking room, suggested she'd done nothing except pay others to do it.
    I was 'helped' to retire soon after!

  3. You seemed to have missed the obvious, FE. The average Brit is too self centred and lethargic to ever rise up! We just lie down and let everyone walk all over us. That russling sound you can hear is Winston Churchill turning in his grave...

    I wonder if that was the same twat I used to work with, Xopher? I remember how gushing she was about this wonderful barn that she had and how she expected everyone in the office to think how wonderful and lucky she was. Then I told her I had one too.

    I remember her banging on about her Aga. One day she brought in some photos. I looked at the one of the kitchen and noticed she had a conventional cooker on the other wall. "Why do you need two cookers?" I asked. Stoney silence - and if looks could kill!

  4. Damn right FE.
    Pickles knows the score over at Rosie's blog, and I vented at some do-gooder in 'comments'. Probably have my daughter removed now!


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