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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Grrrrh again.

I’m having to become a travel agent again.

Last year it was expected that because I had lashings of free time, I could organise a foreign holiday to fit round a wedding in Italy.

Of course I’m having to do it all over again, this time to Crete.

Have you ever tried to move money abroad using Swift, and an IBAN number? Well my bank really makes it difficult and charges me for the effort.

Next onto the plane booking and then the car hire.


  1. I have a friend who organises bunga bunga parties, if that helps.

  2. Swift and Iban, shivers down the spine, urghh.
    Best of luck

  3. WW. Does a Bunga Bunga party involve large amounts of drink and loose women by any chance?


    Yes my spine is shivering to breaking point.

  4. Yes it does, but you have an orange complexion and your hair has to have gone prematurely black, and indeed, have grown back. It helps to be over 70 and be the owner of several large media corporations.

    If you fulfil the above conditions I can get on to my associate, Clams Linguini.

    If not, Miss Ivana Irimia will come round and oblige for 50 Euros and a Primark voucher.

  5. "move money abroad using Swift, and an IBAN number? "

    Yes, often, to pay the running costs of a small house in France. I opened on online forex account. After the crunch their charges increased but are still less than the bank. You can also more easily choose your best price moment to buy the currency, but mostly it saves driving to the bank, waiting and formfilling. You buy online and tell the forex people where to send it (swift/iban) then do a transfer online from ordinary bank to forex co to pay for it.


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