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Wednesday, 29 December 2010

The swine are at it again.

Not content with the Debacle of last year’s attempt to frighten us, the politicos are at it again.

A ‘perfect storm’ of winter illness will batter Britain’s health services today.

Hospitals will be pushed to breaking point by a post-Christmas deluge of patients suffering from flu and the winter vomiting bug.*

Accident and emergency departments are bracing themselves for a surge of referrals as GP practices open for the first time after the extended bank holiday weekend.

They are also expecting high numbers of elderly patients to be brought in as they are visited by care workers for the first time in four days.

Soaring levels of both seasonal and swine flu will heap extra strain on hospitals already dealing with cases of the sickness bug norovirus, which usually peak at this time of year.

Remember last year when they predicted that thousands would die from the flue? What was the result? No more than usual.

Look you twats. Give the people the real information rather than “suggest” an outcome. What about some good news. Such as: “The Filthy Engineer has survived another festive season.”

This is scaremongering at it’s worst.

And I have been endowed with this most noble award


*Probably in my case, caused by imbibing too much of the demon drink*


  1. Hah .. on 26th l came down to this bug. Still flew out next day. A bit of cough medicine, some JD and today l'm almost back to my normal state of whatever it is for a smoker and drinker!

  2. Don't know if it was the new barch but this one has a nasty mutation...
    It is immune to Scotch! Am administering even more in the search for a cure!
    TTFN :)
    P.S. If I thought mine was nasty I could have been trapped on the Cunard Ship with "Giovanni" Prescott! Brings a new terror to flu I think.

  3. I believe that flu deaths last year were significantly less than a normal year.

    Fear mongering is irresponsible at best and could even be considered criminal. This morning it is 1 in 6 will live to be 100 and we can't afford it. Work longer, save your own money, no pension, NHS strained. If they want me to finance my own old age fine, stop taxing me 53% of my earnings, scrap duty on booze, tobacco and fuel, scrap VAT, scrap the universal NHS and NI. NHS only for the very poorest and emergency care everybody else get their own health insurance.

  4. I must say that I haven't met one person, not one, with the cold or a flu this year. Unusual that...hmm


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