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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Now I see the light.

If you read my last post, Good Grief, and if you delve further into the site it came from you will find this section titled Propaganda. Below are the sub plots.

Atrocity accusations 

 Hyperbolic inflations 

 Demonization and dehumanization 


 Divine sanction 


It would seem that ASH and the AGW groups have been  following these tenets to the letter.

I’ll give you the text of the first section. After that you’re on your own. Follow the links if you can be arsed to.

Atrocity accusations

Accuse the other side of committing acts of gross indecency and atrocities that will shock and show the enemy to be sub-human. (Ed. Accuse them of slaughtering thousands of bartenders through SHS. Or the Polar bears are dying in their trillions)When values are broken badly, then this legitimises extreme punishment and revenge.

  • Bombing a religious building or hospital.
  • Killing innocent victims, especially children.

It’s always for the sake of the Cheeeeeldren isn’t it.

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