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Monday, 27 December 2010

Kill the kids early

Last night I struggled through the snow to keep the spongers my children in booze. Most of them and their hangers-on's  fiancées, husbands, etc, left before I could shame them into contributing to FE’s retirement fund.

However the hard core rump were perturbed that the wine lake was empty. Ok, being a stupid generous father, I braved the elements and visited the local wine vendor to stock up for these parasites family members.

What have they done this evening? Left the wine to die of old age and hit the Vodka, Rum, and  whisky.

I despair.

Moral of the story: Have a vasectomy at the age of about ten.


  1. I try not to comment on others parenting skills. But after this post and the previous one, I just have to say.

    I was brought up that when invited anywhere be it; dinner party, party, or festive event. I would bring enough alcohol for personal requirements and topped off with a 'gift' for the host.

    Being as they are often feeding you, it seems the only polite thing to do.

  2. Look on the bright side - at least you'll have some wine left when the hordes depart.

    Unlike the Yachtsman household, currently being drunk dry by a similar (and, let's face it, similarly-welcome) irruption.


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