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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Ed Vaisey to be banned.


The latest saga from the Government is to stop ISPs allowing porn to be seen. A case of think of the Cheeeeldren you would think and applaud. I really think this is the thin end of the edge. First they came for the Porn watchers, then they came for the Bloggers, etc, etc. You get my gist.

Others have posted on this subject better than I could, so I’ll leave you with this gem


  1. It really is the thin end of the edge ;-)

  2. I would dearly love to know precisely just who "They" are ..

    So that I could place a well aimed size 10 in "Their" collective bollocks ..

    Soon, it'll be the turn of those with blonde hair, or blue eyes, or those with speech impediments, or cancer sufferers ..

    This country gets more like bloody North Korea by the day ..


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