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Monday, 22 November 2010

Religion of Peace. Don’t make me laugh.

Why is it that the MSM and especially the BBC never show scenes like this? First they insult the Royal Anglian Regiment. Then you hear them demanding that those who are not of their so called Religion should leave their towns or areas. Their towns? Since when has a group of religious fanatics been so pampered to?

Wankers of Islam

I presume that wanker Cameron has seen this? Of course the spineless shit will just hope that it’ll go away.

H/T to G.O.T


  1. The correct insult for Islamists is SWINE.
    Or DOG - they hate both as unclean.

  2. Lamentably FE ..

    TCC has nothing so far to discourage it & I see no prospect of him changing his mind ..


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