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Saturday, 27 November 2010

I think he doth protest too much

Solicitors acting for Julian Lewis, MP for New Forest East, sent a strongly-worded warning to Richard Grant for saying in a published letter that Mr Lewis "got away with it" after claiming expenses which would be "considered unacceptable" by most people.

I personally think that his claims were extravagant. A bloody trouser press FFS.

The MP successfully claimed £119 for a wall-mounted trouser press, £5 for a "sweater tidy" and £2,369.75 for kitchen appliances.

Could he not use an iron like the rest of us?


  1. Don't you have a trouser press FE? Jings, I've had one for years since I started wearing trouser suits to work. :) As for me paying for one for an MP well...

  2. "Could he not use an iron like the rest of us?"

    Health & Safety regs bar all politicians from using an iron due to the risk of severe injury if the phone rings.

  3. "£2,369.75 for kitchen appliances."

    What sort of kitchen appliances were they FFS, a brace of Thai hookers, one to do the washing up?


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