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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Dave’s doing well as PM.


1. We’ll have a referendum on Europe. Where’s that gone?

2. He’s doing more to fuck us up over his green policies, than Labour could have dreamt about. Bloody windmills and inefficient solar panels will not keep the lights on in 2015. Apart from the fact we’ll be shivering, as we won’t be able to afford the leccy bill.

3. He categorically stated that he wouldn’t pay a jot more to the EU government. That failed. Didn’t it Dave?

4. European arrest warrant. I thought Dave was going to do something about that. Must have misheard him.

5.  The rolling back of the surveillance state? Haven’t seen any of that yet. In fact it’s getting worse if this is anything to go by.

6.  Cull of the Quangos? Far too few culls, in my opinion. What about stopping payment to the Fake charities. ASH springs to mind.

7.  We are going to ally our forces with France. God give me strength. We’ve been fighting them for hundreds of years.

My message to that nice Mr Cameron is : Grow some Balls.

My message to the conservative party: Sack him and get a leader that has the guts to stand up and be counted.


  1. Indeed FE ..

    Sack the useless, treacherous, Euro cock-sucking bastard .. and he can take "Tinky-Winky" (or should that be "Tanky-Wanky") Clegg with him ..

    I've seen bigger balls on Goldfish than either of that pair possess ..


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