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Friday, 26 November 2010

A bit of a boob

Oh dearie me

A Missouri man has been arrested after allegedly carrying out a robbery on a petrol station kiosk by getting his female accomplice to flash her breasts at the clerks as a distraction.


Original to say the least.

Laron Pearson, 21, was taken into custody on Tuesday after showing up at the station three weeks after the original crime, when workers called the police to identify him as the same man according to the Kansas City Star.

And I couldn’t help myself in tampering with the charge

Pearson is charged with first-degree Boobery robbery.


  1. I bet he feels a right Tit now ...

    WV = "flasher" .. honestly .. Lol

  2. right Tit now ...

    Blatant rightism. This is an equal opportunity blog.

  3. An excited titter ran through the court?

  4. Oh, don't worry FE ..

    I'm all in favour of having both hands full ...


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