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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Well done that Raccoon.

I wrote about Sheila Martin a while back.

She was the lady who was being prosecuted for dropping fag ash on the pavement. Sheila was facing a court fine of £2,500 for non payment of the penalty notice.

Well thanks to the Raccoon and her local paper, Sandwell Council have dropped the case as not being in the public interest.


  1. Excellent news. People power through the internet, and with a few able contacts and individuals. Well done to Anna & co.

    I'm not a smoker, though I do light a very occassional pipe with some aromatic, but the whole anti smoking reveals an insidious anti everything that the masses at large have been fed from 'them' as there is as yet no real threat to the nation at large. Unless you count EU membership which they are buttering heavily to slow the decline. Where's the butter coming from? Our pockets.

    When no outside threat is percieved, the masses are set against themselves to defray attacks on government. Watch any band of primates in captivity or the wild, and you'll see precisely the same patterns.

  2. Yes, Racoon has gone.

    Were Peter Carter-Fuck involved in this in any way?

  3. I think it probably is for maintenance, otherwise I'm sure she'd have given us a hint of trouble.


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