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Thursday, 7 October 2010

Say NO to O2

Saynotoo2 001

There is a campaign starting on the EUREFERENDUM blog to shame O2 into stopping sponsoring the 10:10 organisation.

Complete with downloadable poster and facebook page.


  1. I emailed O2 to ask if they were going to stop sponsoring 10:10, as I am a customer. I haven't had a reply.
    Longrider got one saying they don't support the film but not saying they will stop sponsorship.

    I am only on PAYG so it will be easy enough just to get a new sim card if necessary

  2. I am an O2 customer (and a happy one in terms of service, my contract is also worth far more now than I pay for it :-D)

    I will be emailing just to see if I do get a response (also if enough of us email them with complaints then they may cut their funding).

    Their supporting 10:10 isn't going to change the value of service I get and that is worth more (imo) than a bunch of eco-fascists.

  3. I mailed several other supporters and all I got was 'not me guv,didn't know anything about it'

  4. I still have an old O2 p&g SIM as an alternative to paying through the nose for roaming. I'd love to ditch it but the buggers wouldn't notice and alternative UK SIMs aren't exactly common round here. About all I can do is put one of the piccies up.


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