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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Innocuous. Maybe.


I’ve had another look at the sponsors on the 10:10 website and came upon this organisation.

The Funding Network. The opening sentence on the page of “Who We Are”, gave me cause for thought.

A loose affiliation of individuals, from a variety of backgrounds, but with a common purpose, to join with others in using our material prosperity to fund social change causes. (Emphasis mine).

*Retrieves Tin foil hat from cupboard*

Well it might be a perfectlly respectable organisation but the two phrases of Common Purpose and Social Change always worry me.

*Packs hat away for another day*

I wonder if this group will disassociate from 10:10.


  1. Given the phraseology used in their self-description .. I'm more inclined to believe that they're deeply involved, if not at the very root of this "10:10" bollocks ..

  2. I'm still waiting to see if O2 will do anything.

  3. Well spotted and I check their sponsors page everyday to see what O2 are doing


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