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Sunday, 5 September 2010


Now I’m not that interested in religion. However.

My sleepy little hamlet  on a Friday has a religious sect that turns up to worship (I’m surmising here, it could be the local laundry convention), dressed in white sheets with the women wearing what looks like the pillow cases wrapped around their heads.

They are all  black (can we say that now or will I be arrested for some implied hate racial crime ?).

Can anyone shed some light on which religious sect they are from?

I’m just curious to know why they are practising their faith in my village which is 99.99% white skinned. Do they feel persecuted in their own neighbourhood? If so, why?


  1. That's a good puzzle there.

    Friday - that'd tag them as followers of Mohammed PBOH - but they don't generally go in for actual dressing up to go to the mosque - although some loopier American Islamites do like a bit of costume religion.

    I suppose the thing to do would be to get within earshot. Chanting or singing would I suppose be the decider between the Jesus crew and Mohammad's gang.

    There's some Pentecostalists who've got an old chapel near me who come from miles away (on a Sunday)to have a beltin and very tuneful 2 hour sing song.

    You could always ask them I suppose - but some dense PC berks of my acquaintance would classify that at racist too ...

  2. I'd take a wild guess and go with the religion of peace.

    Do a litmus test with them and offer them a slice of a melton mowbray pork pie and a pint of cider to wash it down.

  3. Sound a bit like K-K-K from the duds. Oh, black, you said - perhaps not, then.


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