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Thursday, 23 September 2010

I’m slurring my text.


Who pays for these quite useless studies?

Two small drinks a night are enough to make elderly people unsteady on their feet putting them at risk of falls, a study shows.

What a load of Bollocks. This blogger regularly imbibes a few more than that in the evening and hasn’t fallen over yet. (Or trodden on one of those moving trip hazards known as cats).

Oh and just for good measure (No pun intended), they even manage to pull in the drink drive limit into the article.

The moderate amount of alcohol - below the current legal limit for driving - has a dramatic effect on their dexterity.

Then again the researcher is Dutch. Not that it should make any difference. Just thought I’d add that in the interest of EU harmony.

It gets bizarre in my opinion, with this method of testing.

In the study published in BMC Research Notes the volunteers, whose average age was about 62, first started to walk on a treadmill at a steady walking pace

A thin wooden block was placed at the far end of the belt and allowed to move towards the volunteer as Ms Hegeman and her colleagues measured the effects of alcohol on how capable the subjects were of stepping over the obstacle.

I mean come on. How many of you have a treadmill with a little wooden block on it at home? I mean honestly I would be bored shitless after 10 minutes stone cold sober, and would be bound to trip over it.

Oh and look. They’re bringing driving limits back into the equation again.

She said: "We found alcohol levels - considered to be safe for driving - seriously hamper the ability to successfully avoid sudden obstacles in the travel path.

And again.

Ms Hegeman said drinking is a well-established risk factor for traffic accidents so legal limits are set for blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and driving.

I can’t for the life of me think why the drink drive limits should concern me in my home of a night time.

And again. *shakes head*

In general the use of alcohol is primarily seen as a risk factor for driving but one study estimated about 20% of unintentional falls at home in adults may be attributable to the consumption of two or more standard alcoholic drinks in the preceding six hours.

*Dons Tinfoil hat*

Being of a cynical persuasion it looks to me as a type of subliminal message to reinforce the message being put forth by those who want the drink drive limit halved.

* Takes of tinfoil hat, folds it, and carefully puts it away for another day*

uPdAte. WHo left that large block of wOOd on the fluuur? And wher’s my treaDmill?



  1. They wont be happy till they take away all of life's little pleasures.

    Well not till we revolt and hang them all from the nearest lampposts.

  2. Some fair points F.E but my question is why are these studies carried out, what are their purpose? One other thing, I am forever reading that we are all living older and the country will struggle to keep us in our later days, so why don't the government encourage us to drink more is our old age rather than discourage, it might make the problematic growth in the number of O.A.Ps fall to a manageable level.

  3. QM. I am buying piano wire futures.

    Anon. I'm trying to be less of a burden on the state by ignoring their, so called, guidelines

  4. They'll be banning old people from driving at night and carring old passengers next.

    Piano wire futures? That made me giggle.

  5. Piano wire is the way forward I agree.

  6. "They wont be happy till they take away all of life's little pleasures".

    If they ever try to take my block from the end of my treadmill I will fucking explode the bastards.

    LOL ArtCo


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