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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Another Quango that can go.

The grandly sounding “National Family and Parenting Institute”.

A taxpayer-funded fake charity think-tank said yesterday that instead of offering tax breaks for married couples, the Coalition should pay out billions more in benefits.

Like we can really afford it right now.

Turn away now, if you are of a weak disposition. This ugly cow is it’s chief.

Ugly cow

  Katherine Rake. *shudders*








This is another superfluous body that gets most of it’s funding from you and me via The Department for Children, Schools and families. Last year they received £8,8 million. 96% of their total income.

Reading through their literature, it would appear that all they are is just another lobby group sucking from the taxpayers teat.

There are plenty of genuine charities that could make better use of this money.

and finally.

Jill Kirby, of the Centre for Policy Studies, said: 'This is an organisation which was created by the Labour government and which has had no or negligible impact on the lives of families.

'This report is about protecting vested interests.'

Says it all. I rest my case


  1. And there I was thinking how Wayne Rooney scrubbed up quite well when he makes an effort and puts on a nice frock.

  2. My brain has just exploded at that thought.

  3. She can fuck off, I want my married couples tax break.
    I also want a huge fucking tax break for not having any kids.

  4. Looks like a 15-pinter to me...

    Beer goggles, natures way of making sure even the ugly ones get fucked now and again...


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