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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

It’s sprung a leak.

This time it is a leaked letter from the Director general of finance at the Ministry of Justice.

About 15,000 jobs are at risk as the Ministry of Justice slashes £2 billion from its £9 billion budget, a union has warned.

About time to.Do they really need 80,000 staff to fulfill their duties? We managed with far less in the past.

Of course the unions have seized on this and are predicting an army of criminals will be let loose and the courts will be closed.

In fact they may well be getting off lightly, as the figure is at the low end of the cuts needed in the governments attempt to slash spending.

Read the rest HERE.

Expect more leaks as the bloated Civil Service, finally realise that they are going to have to emerge into the real world.


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  2. As opposed to the situation now where an army of criminals is locked up for about half an hour at a time.


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