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Saturday, 21 August 2010

I am having fun

Over here tearing the arsehole out of Random10538 over his comments on the youtube vid, “ciggy busters”. Poor bugger won’t lay down.

I suppose some will class me as a bully. Do I care. No.


  1. Bit sanctimonious isn't he/she/it. :-D

  2. Must have some fun on a saturday night Dick.

  3. Now you will go on the list.

    Keep away from my blog too.

    Gruppenfuhrer M Gramegna

  4. Interesting that most of the comments flagged as spam are simply people who explaining why it's a stupid and illiberal idea, though Random10538 has picked one up as well. The Righteous have too much time on their hands.

  5. Pot stirred. Wonder what will bubble to the surface.

  6. Indeed Angry Exile although to counter the spam tagging there is the Margherita spoof site which is very entertaining. Pot stirred further.

    Filthy Engineer ... somehow missed your blog on my bloglist ... duly rectified! :)


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