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Saturday, 28 August 2010


Why do I do it?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? Well I have many times. It’s not as if I’m a single issue blogger like Iain Dale, I just blog whatever comes to mind.

But why do it at all? Would you bare your diary to all and sundry? Probably not.

However since entering the blogosphere it has opened my mind, as to how many people are quietly questioning society as we know it today.

If you are of the type that only frequents the MSM, then you only see a carefully choreographed view of the world. Since entering the blogosphere, I’ve realised that all is not as it is depicted. Two examples.

Take smoking.

Second hand smoke is now firmly entrenched as being immediately fatal to anyone coming in contact with it. Via the blogosphere I was pointed to information that exposes that as a lie.

Manmade climate change.

I once considered we might have had a hand it. Now I’m firmly sceptic.

I could go on. Luckily for you I wont.

The exchange of information in the blogosphere is something that our politicians scumbags are going to have to take into account in the near future.

In the information age, nothing is hidden.

*Saturday ramble*


  1. FE,

    They will do the only thing they think they can do.

    They will shut us down.

    They are Borg. We are not.

    If the only tool in the box is a hammer, they will see us all as nails.

    Unless, that is, we do something about it.


  2. I used to just read blogs and chuck in the occasional comment but I realised how good a forum it is to get stuff off your chest.

    Before t'internet, all you could do was write a letter to the papers and I could never be bothered with that.

    Now you can write any old tat you want, see it instantly in print and even get feedback. You can even say cunt and stuff.

    And all this ciggy buster stuff just goes to show what kind of an effect it can have. I never thought my random brainfarts whuld come to the attention of anyone, let alone loads of other bloggers with the same ideas and a reporter from a crappy local rag down south.

    The Captain above was mt first follower and he's opened my eyes to loads of crap that I never would have imagined until I started blogging.

    It's also better than all that Facebook pants. I've talked with bloggers who I would now consider freinds, even though I have no idea what they look like.

    The Guinness again. Shut up Bucko...

  3. Bucko,

    I may be a lying fuckstick. I do hope you double-check...:)

    (I'm not. I just want to fuck up the gubmint more than they fuck me up).


  4. "The exchange of information in the blogosphere is something that our (politicians) scumbags are going to have to take into account in the near future".

    Can somebody make that the VERY near future please; I'm getting very bored and annoyed with them all now.

  5. Captain - You might be a lying fuckstick. Your blog reads like some kind of conspiracy theory. Thats why I've not stopped paying council tax yet.

    I dont beleive the moon landings were faked or Elvis works in a chip shop, however your rantings do make sense and have lots of backup.

    Hopefully I'll be a freeman on the land one day soon.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Bucko,

    Fuck all the paperwork.

    Feel free, and you IS free, my man.

    And they ABSOLUTELY hate that.


  8. Iain Dale may be a single issue blogger but he gets a lot wrong.

    This is a classic.

    You have to wonder at these self appointed pundits. How can he have been on the fringes of the political scaene and not understood what are the implications of our EU memebership and the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty by the party he supports.

    Once again the Conservative Party has reneged on its promise to stop more EU regulation. That Dale does not understand what or how this happens just confirms him as one of 'Lenin's useful idiots'.

    You can blogg what you like, but don't show ignorance a la Dale.

  9. Robert,

    As far as I can see, the average new politician is so out of touch with the real world, that the rest of us are being driven to a place where we don't want to go. It doesn't help that their Ego's are massaged by the likes of Iain Dale who desperately want to sit at the top table.


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