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Wednesday, 23 June 2010


The Government will support any bid for a special grant from Cumbria Police following the massacre of 12 people by gunman Derrick Bird, a minister said.

The force is conducting a "huge and complex" inquiry that involves 30 crime scenes, 12 victims and 11 seriously injured people, Home Office Minister James Brokenshire said.

Why is it at all  complex? As I see it, you have a deranged man with two guns, who shot a number of people in full view, and has since killed himself. Seems like an open and shut case to me.

Then again is it because of this:

The Government's offer of help comes after the police grant for 2010-11 for forces across England and Wales was cut by £125 million.

Sherlock the engineer has spoken.



*I was going to do another post about my daughters, but I've been rumbled*

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  1. If the police had got off their fat backsides & done their job properly, there would have been far fewer victims & far fewer crime scenes.

    Who says we've stopped rewarding failure now that Labour are out of government?

    Don't think so.


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