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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

What do a puppy, a bulldozer, and Hells Angels have in common.

hells angels

A German student created a major traffic jam in Bavaria when he made a rude gesture at a group of Hells Angels, hurled a puppy at them and then escaped on a stolen bulldozer.

WTF. But it gets better.

After making his getaway, he stole the bulldozer from a construction site, and attempted to drive it to Munich. However, it was not fast enough, and his snail-like pace caused a 3-mile traffic jam near the southern town of Allershausen, according to a report in the English-language newspaper The Local, which cited the daily tz.

Apparently he was suffering from depression.

No puppies were hurled hurt in the writing of this article.



*The cat will get it though, if it climbs over the keyboard again*


  1. He even dropped his pants before throwing the puppy.
    The young man, who was not identified, then dropped his pants, threw the puppy, and then fled.
    And later he just went home.
    You have to love the strange Germans. We once had a article about an elderly German man who had driven all the way to Denmark, I believe, becuase he got lost on his way to the baker.

  2. Do we get to see picture of the cat?

  3. Captain Haddock17 June 2010 at 18:58

    After dropping his strides & "hurling" the puppy .. the man was heard to mutter .. "I don't remember eating that" !! ...


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