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Monday, 5 April 2010

Witch wanted

I was given the task by my Boss, (Mrs FE) to organise getting ten people to a wedding at Lake Garda in Italy. Simple you think. That's what I thought.

Here comes the problems. Firstly they all want to come out at different dates and stay for different lengths of time.

Seeing that lake Garda is a popular destination in July, trying to sort out hotels was almost impossible, but was achieved in the end. I've yet to tell everyone that they now have to pay the cost of 4 star hotels. Every time I thought I'd got the right number of rooms in my sights I found at least one had gone. I truly believe, there's a hotel booking stalker, after me.

Flights were also difficult to arrange due to geographical location. Trying to get connecting flights that weren't absurdly far apart or unfeasible was interesting to say the least.

That's why I need someone with occult knowledge of trying to organise a ritual sacrifice. That's what my Nephew's wedding is.


  1. Hi FE. What end of Garda, north or south? I know a lovely hotel in Rivotella on the south of the lake but not in the middle of the tourist fraca.

    Roof top hot tub,super staff, good food, balcony which we always have breakfast on (we nip to the dining room and load a tray) and all in all superb value for money.

    Let me know if you want more help.

    (Oh they've another one a mile or so up the road but it's more expensive). Just as nice though but the price is higher because it is right on the lakeside.

    Oh, underground secure parking too with bikes provided free for the fit.

  2. Ooops ignore my comment. I've just realised you've organised it. Apologies for the stupidity.

  3. Thanks for the advice anyway. Will keep it in mind if there is a next time.


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