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Saturday, 17 April 2010

I don't believe it.

I can't understand how people can be so naive. One latest poll would suggest the Limp dems are ahead in the polls. All this because of one rather boring TV programme.

There is more evidence of a huge surge in Liberal Democrat support - with one poll suggesting the party has taken the lead in a General Election campaign for the first time in living memory.

Research by BPIX for the Mail on Sunday put the Lib Dems on 32% - a bounce of 12% over the past week. The Tories were down seven points on 31%, while Labour dropped three to 28%.

I suspect that all those who contributed to this farce have not actually read the Limp dem manifesto.

I just hope they do, and quick. Then they'll realise, that they are going to vote for a party, that is shaping up to be further to the left than labour.

Some 53% of those quizzed by ComRes said they were looking more favourably on the Lib Dems as a result of the General Election debate.

I give up.

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