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Friday, 9 April 2010

1+ 1 doesn't equal 2

I was in employment for 44 years. It still makes me shudder to think about that.

What I would like to set out is the inequalities in our tax system.

I was recently musing with a friend on how much we pay and what we get in return.

In my case the following:


Income tax and NI removed from my earnings was about 33%.

I smoke. Nuff said.

I drink. Ditto

I drive. Therefore I'm taxed for the privilege. Road fun licence, Fuel duty, VAT.

Council tax.

Shopping has Vat added.


I haven't used the NHS for at least 15 years. Where have MY NI contributions gone?

I'm likely to be denied proper medical care because, Shock, horror, I drink and smoke. And of course because I was out of the country for long periods serving the crown, I am now no longer entitled to NHS dentistry.

Where has all the money I have paid in motoring taxes gone. Believe you me, the state of the roads in Kent, make some of the third world look like road bliss. (And before anyone gets started, I have seen most of the third world).

Council tax seems to be a No No for me. I have never used any of the emergency services (Except the Polis who bravely gave me a crime number for insurance purposes). (Don't forget the pot holes).

It just seems that I'm a middle england cash cow to be used by governments as they see fit.

I even, a couple of years ago went on the DHSS(or whatever they call themselves nowadays) website, to see if there was anything  that I was entitled to. The website almost exploded in telling me to fuck off you spoilt middle england taxpayer.

Where has my money gone?

We are really seeing a once great nation head into a Mach 5 death spiral.

I just feel cheated. Do you blame me?

Come on you wankers that want my vote. I'll need an awfully lot of assurance before I vote for you. And don't expect that I'll  believe you.

Am I bitter? You tell me.


  1. Whilst I agree with everything you say Filthy, unfortunately one thing brings out the inner pedant in me

    Where has all the money I have paid in motoring taxes gone.

    The quick answer is it’s been spent elsewhere, on Outreach Coordinators, NHS Managers etc……..

    There is no ‘motoring tax’, that implies that the money you pay is spent on the roads. It is not. What it is Vehicle Excise Duty. it is the govt tax on owning a car whether you drive it or not , it pays nothing towards road maintenance or road building it all goes into the central pot to be spent on all the 5 a Day , No Smoking wank agenda that they want

    There is no obligation on Govt to spend a single penny of the monies raised by taxes on motorists / petrol duty etc. actually on roads. Why do you think they are so shit

    Govt’s love the fact that people still call it ‘Road Tax’ and yet it hasn’t been that Since 1936t when they decided that there was too much money in the pot just too waste on roads , much like the National Insurance fund in latter days

  2. Where has the money gone FE? I've just done a post for morning about DFID. They're bragging, on their website, that overseas aid from the UK is now the highest for 45 years.

    So maybe a few of our hard earned pension pounds go overseas to corrupt governments and dodgy projects.

    Just a thought...

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Prodicus. you're right of course that the motor tax has never been other than another general tax.

    My general gist is that I pay out and never seem to receive any benefit.

    My fault I suppose for trying to better myself by actually working.

  5. Subrosa. I read that as well.

    That money would fill in a lot of potholes.


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