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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Weddings. How much should I have to fork out?

Considering the last daughter cost me £27,000. Would anything less be suitable for the other daughter?

Answers required.

Replies like: "you stupid twat",

"Who pays out that sort of money?", and

"tell them to bugger off". All are welcome.

Ideas will be considered.

Oh and bye the way. You have to justify your answer to my wife.

Welcome to the game of Marital chicken.

This might be the venue


  1. 27K for a posh party and a frock, I hope at least 25K of it was a generous deposit for a house as a wedding gift

    On second thoughts will you adopt me?

  2. I just hope this daughter has more sense than the last one and your wife. I mean, who in their right mind would pay that money for, as Pavlov says, a party and a frock.

    If they wanted some way to have a non-celeb type wedding then I'd support that. The best wedding I've been to is when a young couple had the service in their front room. They'd worked for nearly a year restoring an old house and decided before they moved in they would get married. The atmosphere was wonderful, they'd decorated the house beautifully and also arranged a large marquee in the garden for the party later.

    The whole thing cost £7,000 for 50 guests and after 6 years they're STILL married.

    Naw FE, I'd dig my feet in so I would. But then you've got to treat them equally and you've already set the fashion haven't you.

  3. Oh Dear. You are leaving yourself well open. If you don't spend the same amount, you will be accused of favouritism. I would go with Subrosa on this one and hope that this daughter has a pang of conscience!

    That is far too much!

  4. NO-one's suggested the obvious. Discuss with your daughter what she would like. If you raised her right, you might be pleasantly surprised.



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