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Friday, 26 March 2010

She's worth it. (And I'm not)



When I retired after 44 years of loyal service to the crown (3 wars experienced). I received a two minute phone call thanking me.

The OH completes 15 years service and receives the following:

Dinner at Claridges

An £850 Mont Blanc pen set

An £830 Mont Blanc briefcase

and a £230 Mont Blanc Note book


Yes I know that Subrosa will villify me. However I'm going to nick the fountain pen as my wife's writing is utter shite.


  1. Oh FE, I would never malign you for being so sensible. In fact I'm surprised at your selflessness. I would have had the briefcase too. :)

    Happy writing. It's some time since I used a fountain pen far less a decent one. It must be a wimmin thing. ;)

  2. Hi engineer

    would you like to contribute to the news site? even if it's only once or twice a week with a subject you want more coverage of. send me an email and I'll send u admin privelege and you can post what u want- every little helps


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