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Monday, 22 March 2010

The Power of the Blogosphere.

God forbid I've just strayed onto Left wing turf.

Over at Left Foot Forward there is a guest article by a Andrew Regan(???).

Here is a snippet or two of what he has to say.

Anyone who follows the BBC News site, or who reads a newspaper, will be familiar with a good few interest groups and think tanks. Where their news releases aren’t the entire basis for the story, they are invited to comment at length, in the name of political “balance”, or on the basis of an often-undeserved authority.

He singles out The Taxpayers Alliance as corporate shills trying to influence governments.

Mind you he refrains from talking about the fake charities/Quangos that are in large funded by the Government to get the Government  message across.

Here's where he doesn't get the real reason, why people blog.

What I propose is a collective – and non-partisan – organisation of political bloggers, which will challenge the interest groups in the name of honest and open politics, and provide newspapers and online news sites with a central resource that allows them to dispense with the services of self-interested think tanks and self-styled experts.

In my case the reason I blog, is that I want to expose any wrongdoings of anyone, when I want. I don't wish to be in some self congratulating "Labourlist". Blogging is about being "Individual", not part of some Borg collective.

That's why Left leaning blogs are so dull. Groupthink is all.


  1. You have to watch the deafening echo chamber in the comments sections there, but might have missed this bit of goodness -

    The funding is er, startling.

  2. Yes Chuckles. I read that article as well. They seem to think that we are all an organised conspiracy.


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