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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Hypocrisy explained to the BBC

Graham Stuart MP hits back at the BBC about their bias on the "Donorgate" affair.

“Imagine a Tory donor who’d bought a company, run its pension fund into the ground, bought the assets back for pennies in the pound, who became a privy counsellor even though he wasn’t qualified while personally funding the leader’s leadership bid – they (sic) would be a massive story and yet somehow the BBC runs day after day on Lord Ashcroft, who as far as I can see has done nothing wrong, and gives Labour an easy ride. It takes me back to the tales we had of the champagne bottles in 1997 and I’m afraid the BBC remains biased and fails to ask the proper questions of those who are currently in power.”

Listen to it on BBC iplayer HERE Just over 10 mins in.


  1. The odious Caroline Quinn on the radio 4 PM show (Eddie Mair seems to be away unfortunately) stated in the programme and the attendant news that 3 MP's and a Conservative peer were in court today.
    Repeatedly they did not mention Labour in this context, but did mention the Conservative peer.
    Daily radio 4 drip feeds its government and LibDem bias, and absolutely nothing stated on the Glasgow scandal and Purcell.

  2. I know it is beyond belief that they get away with this disinformation.


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