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Friday, 12 March 2010




It really is time to end the BBC license fee, if this is the way they throw it away.

The BBC has lavished thousands of pounds teaching staff how to learn to use social networking site Facebook, despite its simplicity.

The corporation has been holding day long classes called Making The Web Work For You, for large numbers of its 23,000 workforce.

I'm sure that if a private company wasted it's money like this, the shareholders would be baying for the directors blood. If those at the Beeb are to thick to find out how to use something that a child manages easily. Then they should be fired.

One worker said: 'We're meant to be belt-tightening. It is an astonishing waste of money. Teenagers who can barely read or write have managed to teach themselves.'

Others have pointed out that most BBC staff already know how to use these sites.

Mind you it does reflect in some of the dross they produce.

Lastly, comes the justification.

Yesterday the BBC defended the web courses. It claimed the courses helped journalists to 'develop effective and comprehensive internet research and social media skills'.


Read it here if you must. I'm losing the will to live (Again).

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  1. a possible reason (from an email I got sent)

    Going digital for contract publishing firm, The Deeson Group, has made a positive impact on the bottom line - Deeson eMedia today contribute 40% of the firms overall revenue streams. Today, Deeson eMedia work with some of the UK's top brands - BRIT Awards, The Royal Society and BBC Worldwide - to deliver their online presence and engage with their audience.

    Tim Deeson spoke with DediPower about going digital. "Keep it simple and make sure you keep the basics in mind - who are they, what do they like and what do they want to do? One of the mandatory books to read for any of our new recruits [at Deeson eMedia] is 'Don't Make Me Think!' by Steve Krug. What's great about it is that it's accessible to anyone involved in user experience, this is really important as projects consist of so many different skill sets.


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