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Thursday, 18 March 2010

Another reason to not vote conservative.

I was appalled to read this at Conservative Home. And I thought they might, just might be on the side of the little people. No. just like their Statist friends in the Labour Party.

They're going to raise the tax on Cigarettes by 5%. As they put it:

So following earlier Policy Exchange research that indicates that tobacco taxes are the most popular way to raise additional revenue, we suggest that tobacco taxation should be increased by 5% in the next Budget.  This would see the price of a typical pack of cigarettes rise by 23 pence from £6.13 to £6.36 per packet and generate over £400 million for HM Treasury.

Not withstanding that they want a minimum price for Alcohol, what other pleasures in life are they going to tax to the hilt?


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  1. Even though they have failed to consider the increased instance of cross channel shopping once the price differential rises sufficiently at least they aren't banging the 'health reasons' drum. Yet.

  2. It's a tax measure designed to support the smuggling industry.


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