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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The Robert Green affair. Was the BBC gagged?

It gets curioser and curioser.

Why was a BBC producer not allowed to make a production about Paedophilia in Scotland?

Listen to the link below.




Something stinks here.


  1. It does indeed. Transparency we were promised with devolution. Such a joke.

  2. Someone high up in the Scottish establishment will have got wind of the BBCs plans, and had a word with someone important at the BBC to pull the project.

    It has worked like this in Scotland for years. I have had first hand experience of this in the early nineties, when The Scotsmans editor received a wee call to bury a story, (he complied). Nothing ever changes.

  3. Rember the rumour several years ago, that Operation Ore had uncovered paedophiles in Blair's cabinet, and the news was buried? Apparently some Scottish newspaper had a story, but it was suppressed by a D notice.


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