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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

There must be an end to this Monopoly

Those bloody MPs haven't understood the public resentment of them.

MPs are plotting to vote down changes to parliamentary expenses amid growing fury at the proposals from Sir Christopher Kelly.
How many employees have the opportunity to tell their boss, that they are not going to take any notice, of their company's expenses policy?

MPs argue that their right to claim mortgage interest on their second homes is enshrined in legislation passed in 1985. They say that fresh legislation is needed to overturn the current rules, which which would have to be debated in the Commons and then voted on — presenting an opportunity to throw out Sir Christopher’s proposals.
I agree with the next paragraph , as it would only attract those who have no interest in getting onto the gravy train and might attract people of integrity. it worked in the past. I quote:

“We are in danger of creating a Parliament either of the very rich or those who think it’s a vocation."

Who do they think they are?

From the Times

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