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Sunday, 11 October 2009

I think this man is evil

This article from comment is free, beggars belief.

This man Duncan Bannatyne believes that the smoking ban hasn't gone far enough, but should be extended.

In my view smokers who currently stand outside a pub or restaurant having a fag should have to stand at least several yards away from the front door, to save the 79% of us who don't smoke from breathing in their smoke when we go in or out. We should curtail the rights of the 21% and increase their responsibilities towards the 79%. In other words, we should stop them killing us and our children.
Notice that he is invoking, "think of the poor cheeldren", in this heap of horse shit.

Studies estimate that about 11,000 people a year die because of passive smoking.

Where did he get those figures from? Grimms fairy tales?

It should also be illegal to smoke at home in front of children.
Children again.

Hanging is too good for this cunt.

Update: I've still got some piano wire left.
Go over to Mummy's place if you really want to hear a good rant on this.


  1. There is no bottom to this nonsense. These people won't stop until a government inspector's nose is planted firmly in the armpit of every Briton.

  2. It's that "Mandated Lifestyle Modification" again.


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