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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Climate sceptic, Me?

I am a sceptic of Anthropogenic Global warming, Human made climate change, and all the rest of the crap the Greenie leftists throw at us. I was pointed to a site some months ago that is populated by the usual frothing at the mouth, rabid Gaia worshipers . President, George Monbiot. Honorary Vice president, Caroline Lucas (Spit). The site is grandly titled “Campaign against Climate Change” (CCC), (spits again).

To cut along story short I subscribed to their mailing list. It really is pitiful. It doesn’t ever mention this blog. It hurts me deeply. After all I even E mailed them with links to here and here.

It would seem that they are going to have rallies in July all to be of a “submergence” theme. (That’s their title. I didn’t make it up).

More amusing though, is a photo-op involving people standing semi-submerged in water – holding a banner saying “Zero Carbon Britain before we drown”. One of the venues is “Here in London we are hoping to do this at an appropriate place in the River Thames. “

thames map edited 450

Well they wouldn’t be able to do that at high tide otherwise they’d drown(Mmmm), so they’ll have to do that at low tide. Have you seen the Thames at low tide? Well I assure you, dear readers, that they’d better come prepared with industrial strength washing materials, as they will be wallowing up to their waists in a sea of mud.



       Saturday 16th July

         is Zero Carbon Brain Day, a day
                to promote the goal of a
          'Zero Carbon Britain' by 2030

              When:  7.30 pm to  midnight
              Where: on the Thames,
Central London

I think I might just nip up to thee big smoke that day with my camera.

P.S. They have a forum at their site. Last post was 26 weeks ago.


  1. Wonder why they've organised it bang in the middleof summer. Why not December?

    It's quite the opposite to the "homeless" round here - you never seen them in summer for some strange reason.

  2. "As they will be wallowing up to their waists in a sea of mud." - No, they'll just be going through the motions...

  3. If they want a zero carbon Britain perhaps carbon based Moonbat and his carbon based followers should do us a favour and hang themselves from London bridge.
    They really dont understand science do they.Even if they are stupid enough to believe AGW there is no excuse for believing that C02
    and C are exactly the same thing.
    Using the same logic perhaps we should start calling water hydrogen and salt sodium.

  4. How are they going to get to the "Zero Carbon Brain Day" without generating some CO² ?

    "Brain Dead" day, more like !

  5. The more I read on that site, the more hysteria I note.

  6. I do wish you wouldn't denigrate yourself using that derogatory term 'sceptic'.

    You are not a Warmist Scaremonger.

    Just a realist with an open-mind waiting for conclusive proof that if the level of atmospheric CO2 is rising, AND if it is caused by human activity, AND if it is greater than levels that have occurred historically (say > 500 years ago), AND if it is harmful, then you may be prepared to consider the implications. I believe plants thrive on increased CO2.

  7. I've always said that if they REALLY believe we as a species are doing irreversible or even reversible damage to the planet then they should suit action to words. Don't wait for the rest of us EVIL folk, they should demonstrate their killing themselves. Alas they keep disappointing me.


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