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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Don’t even think about buying property in Wales.


Not if your a smoker.

Dr Tony Jewell, chief medical officer for Wales, said that stopping people lighting up in their own homes would protect their children from the dangers of passive smoking.


'It could be seen as the final piece of the protection picture or at least adding to the growing public consensus on the social acceptability of smoking.'

I suspect they will do one of those surveys in Wales in the near future. One of those that is phrased like this.

“Should smoking be banned in homes for the sake of the cheeeldren?”

Of course they’ll get an 80% yes vote for that.

So then they’ll produce a law which they won’t have a hope in hell of enforcing.

I don’t live in Wales but if I did I’d just love a state sponsored, No smoking enforcement officer, to just try it on. It is my property and it is nothing to do with the state with what I do within it within reason. (Obviously murder is slightly over the top).

What has become of this country?

I need to sit down in a darkened room.

With a cigarette.

Thanks to the Angry Exile for this


  1. I wish I lived in Wales now. I'd start a smoking club.

  2. I do live there. It'll never happen. Just yet another bit of self-indulgent wankery from the talking-shop that calls itself the Welsh Assembly 'Government'. How could they possibly check and enforce it? It will only be enforced indirectly, if at all - such as "X and Y are bad parents - child neglect AND they smoke in the house".

    Bad enough - and I'm not even a smoker.

  3. My children no longer live in my house & there are no other children who visit, as I've yet to be blessed with Grandchildren ..

    I smoke in my house because I want to & its my right to do so, the same applies to my car too ..

    God help the first "Nazi" who attempts to prevent me from doing so ..

    I only hope they have a liking & tolerance for Hospital food (via a tube) ..

    It would be worth doing a few months "inside" .. Where, oddly enough .. I'd be permitted to smoke ..

  4. Where, oddly enough .. I'd be permitted to smoke ..



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