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Friday, 8 November 2013

I’m alive.

Sorry for not posting for a while but I caught a cold. May I add, no ordinary cold.

This cold (caught from a grandchild) has had me laid low for the last couple of weeks. One day I’d start to feel better, the next day I’d feel worse. It’s been a case of having one of those nagging headaches that makes you run screaming from a computer screen. It’ was also the case that just trying to get to bed caused me to almost collapse on the bed because my lungs refused to play ball. For some perverse reason they seemed to reject the food of life, Oxygen.

The only remedy that settled my fevered brow was not high strength anti- biotics , but Leggie’s tonic. Whisky.

I must say that after a couple of weeks of non blogging, it’s quite difficult to get back into the swing of it. Then again when you get to my age, everything takes time.


  1. Grandchildren like most children are right little germ factories. Teachers must build up an immunity otherwise they would be laid low every other week.

  2. Glad you're OK. Nice to have you back!

  3. I was really quite depressed without a daily dose of political incorrectness!

  4. Was a bit worried for a mo' there.
    Glad to read that you're still in the Land of the Living (if only 'almost').

  5. I'm glad you are better & back - I was starting to think another fine blog had given up.
    The bugs are gaining on medical science - a pandemic in a few years should sort out the population crisis: Nature abhors a vacuous and foolish overload of moronic hominids just as much as a vacuum!

  6. Nice to have you back, I was getting a bit worried. Maybe that laying of the fags might help getting the O2 into the lungs :-()



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