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Sunday, 10 November 2013

A pittance of time

It’s that time of year that we honour the fallen. I’m posting this early just so those in times zones different to the UK can appreciate the sentiment.

Personally I feel it’s important to remember those that have fallen in the service of this country, and also those that have fallen to make the world a better place.

If we can’t be bothered to remember and salute them then we will surely lose our humanity.

About the writer of the song

The Taliban and other fundamental butchers are excluded from consideration. May they rot in hell.

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  1. My dad lost two brothers during World War II, his slightly older brother was shot down in the defense of Malta at the age of 21. We went there last year to see his name on the memorial at Valletta. His even older brother was lost over the alps flying a Mosquito on a "special mission," we have no idea what it was. Dad was in Burma also in the RAF, but he never talked of it. We have quite an unusual Lancashire surname and dad was the last with it on that side of the family, his and his brothers names live on in my three sons names and my brother also has three sons so hopefully we can manage another generation or two.
    I was born in the generation just after the war in 1956 and I always helped out with the poppy day appeal at the war memorial in the village I grew up in. Its nice when Sainsbury stop everything for the silence, everyone and I do mean everyone stops and there is silence. Its nice to remember people who you have never met but are in someway the reason why you are here today, "free."


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