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Sunday, 31 March 2013

What if......

We're heading for a new ice age?

All we've be led to believe over the last twenty years is that we are all going to die because of catastrophic global warming. What if all those overpaid scientists are wrong, and we've been heading in the wrong direction?

I mean where is this warming in the last three years? Where are the drier summers (UK)?

The truth is that we have had three abysmal years in a row of wet and cold conditions. In fact the beginning of this year has been the coldest year in the last 208 years.

German meteorologists say that the start of 2013 is now the coldest in 208 years.
If this is true then our Governments, past and present, have some serious questions to be asked.

1. Why, with all the resources at your disposal, did you get it so disastrously wrong?

2. In light of this fact, will you now order the mass building of conventional power stations to cover the looming energy gap?

3. Will you now withdraw funding from those organisations and persons that have promoted and encouraged this myth of Global warming? (University of East Anglia, and the Chief Scientist spring to mind).

4. Will you you now close down, or at least re-order the Department of Energy and Climate change? And sack the head of.

5. Will you immediately stop the building of anymore Bird Mincers Wind Turbines, and insist that as the existing ones breakdown, no money will be wasted on their repair?

6. Feed in Tariffs. Will you remove these forthwith? 

7.. And Finally. Will you make a fulsome apology for believing this scam? On the front page of all the MSM for a minimum of at least one week would be the very least you can do..

I'm not holding my breath.


  1. Don't hold your breath FE.

    As Mr Tecso would likely say of your CO2 contribution: "Every little helps"

  2. I'm most certainly not Joe. I think hell will need to freeze over before they'd apologise.


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