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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Well done sir

turbine on fire

Here I’m referring to The Duke of Edinburgh who has delivered a withering assault on the folly of wind turbines.

Now those of the Lefty/Green persuasion will try and dismiss his comments as the rantings of a senile, out of touch, silver spoon, “never had it so good”.

Now I’ve met and talked to “The old duffer” on many occasions. He certainly speaks his mind, (A good thing in this PC age. Someone has to) but he usually has a good grasp of the subject in question.

I’ve noticed over the last year or so how the whole experiment in renewable energy is starting to fall apart. Even the BBC is slowly dropping it from it’s agenda. Pre Climategate it was touted as the salvation of mankind. The BBC is now, in my mind, quietly trying to wriggle out of their wholesale endorsement of renewables. However this blogger has a long memory.

The population at large is just waking from an X factor induced sleep, and is starting to realise that this year they are going to be stuck with almost unaffordable energy bills due to the energy secretary’s obsession with renewables, instead of helping lower bills by encouraging the exploration and extraction of Shale gas.

Shale gas would cut gas prices for commercial and private  users and thus boost the economy. Also ending our reliance on middle east imports, which can be used as an economic weapon against us.

I would hope that the average Brit is waking up to realise that they have been conned into buying into a scheme that is impoverishing millions and making very rich those who promulgate this idiocy.


  1. Hurrah for the curmudgeon.

    In an earlier age, the philandering speedster would have been Hanged, Drawn & Quartered.

  2. Ancient + Tattered Airman20 November 2011 at 23:04

    Oh, hear the man! Well said Phil!

    It certainly needed saying forcefully.


  3. Interesting that the D of E should reach these particular conclusions .. since he has long been a supporter of "renewable" energy ..

    He personally caused the installation of solar panels to heat the swimming pool at Windsor Castle, over 20 years ago ..

    If someone who broadly agrees with the concept is now saying that things have gone too far, perhaps its time people like Huhne began listening ..

  4. I haz linked to you FE.

    Great piece!!


  5. I had a feeling once the realisation of how much this fantasy would cost hits the sheeple in their pockets the tide would turn.
    Huhne is toast now no doubt about it.

  6. I wouldn't get too excited at this man apparently joining the ranks of the sane. Has he also decided that he no longer wishes to be reincarnated as a killer virus that wipes out large swathes of the human population? Hardly the rationale of a desirable ally. I would contend that there are plenty who could do with a good wiping out but I doubt if they're the ones he has in mind.

  7. @Joe-I've always said I was born in the wrong age. And sometimes the old ways are best. My opinion..okay so it's not that age in history anymore, so what? hang the bastard anyway. After that buffoon of a Governor I've got gets done with his 'doomed from the start" run at the presidency, I'm going to suggest that the great state of Texas bring back Hanging, and PUBLIC hanging at that, as a way of dealing out our executions As opposed to lethal injection. It's my contention that hanging is cheaper, because unlike the drugs..the rope is reusable. Just doing my part for the "green" movement don't ya know?


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