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Monday, 21 November 2011

Should have gone to………..

This is the collision between a Dublin Bus and a Dublin Tram


Now have a look at the ad on the side of the bus that
the Tram went into.



  1. There can't be any "rule of the road" in Dublin ..

    As "power gives way to sail" .. I would have thought it obvious that "road gives way to rail" ..

    If there is, then its clearly been ignored .. but in any event .. down to the bus driver, I'd say ..

  2. With you there, Captain. Looks like the bus cut across the tram, and that's a five section beast so the dent isn't going to just polish out. We've got similar ones here that weigh in the region of 40 tons or so, and when I'm driving around them I don't bloody argue. There's also the point that they can't take avoiding action. :S

  3. Regretably this is old news and photoshopped.
    Dublin Sept 17th 2009.

  4. Is this a consequence of Ireland switching to European driving rules?

    I recall the Dail decreed that from a certain date all cars would drive on the right hand side of the road - and if that was a success then the following week all buses and trucks would follow suit.

  5. General Pyston Broak21 November 2011 at 17:09

    Anon 13:04 is correct, either the specsavers ad is photoshopped, or the reflection of the Thomas Cook advert that is mirrored on the tram is photoshopped, I suspect it is the former.

  6. Anyhoo. It's all just an attempt to make people smile in these grim days.

  7. Anon & Gen. PB, boooooo. We were enjoying that.

  8. I really didn't want to be anon (1304 21 Nov) (I hate it when people do that when replying to posts), but blogger wouldn't let me use my google i.d for some reason... We have a similar tram system being installed in Granada in Spain, it was on budget but is now about a year behind schedule because of the financial problems over here. Net result is the traffic situation being experienced by those affected by the accident in Dublin is a daily occurrence here. Heaven knows how much chaos a similar accident would cause once the Granada system is up and running.


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