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Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Stony Stratford martyr.

Listen to the high pitched whining sound


49 minutes in.

Another public service broadcast from TFE.

History of this story can be found HERE, and HERE


  1. Sorry FE.

    I couldn't listen to that whining cunt for more than 1 minute 12 seconds. I gave up.

    My ears and my brain thanked me profusely.


  2. Hitler was a fascist as well - but at least he could put together a good speech and a cogent argument!

    Who on earth elected this arsehole? He's just a self opinionated rabble rouser with delusions of grandeur...

    As the other guy says, they've already got litter laws to deal with dumping cigarette butts, so where's his argument on that front?

    Seems to me he just doesn't want facts ruining a good story.

  3. Any comment from him since he had his ass whipped on Tuesday night?


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