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Thursday, 21 July 2011

Verging on the ridiculous

This "Keep Off The Grass" warning sign is protecting possibly the tiniest strip of turf in London.


Residents in Elm Walk, Raynes Park, said the sign had become a "thing of great amusement" since the only vehicle big enough to park there is a unicycle.

But Labour-run Merton's highways department takes the issue so seriously it dispatched a two-strong crew to install it.

In other news.

The tiny piece of protected grass can be filed next to what is believed to be the country's shortest yellow line - 18 inches long - in Highbury Crescent, Highbury.

Makes you proud to be British.


  1. Fire up the Land Rover, I'm off. No way will that sign stand up to a pair of off-road wheels :-D

  2. I have a degree of sympathy. I put a post in the corner of my front garden to stop people driving over the flower bed. Needless to say, it keeps getting knocked over!

  3. Bit racist the sign - should be in a few languages and illuminated at night.

  4. It's a trip hazard, They need to put up a sign to warn pedestrians of it.


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