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Monday, 23 May 2011

Ireland is doomed

I think O’bama is going to go nuts and nuke the emerald isle if he’s subjected to this.



The public event is expected to attract around 20,000 people, with Jedward and Westlife set to perform for Mr Obama and his wife ahead of the president’s address.

Speaking to the BBC, the pop duo said: ‘We're very excited, it's an honour to perform for the most famous man in the world, after Simon Cowell that is.’

I agree with the twitter comments totally.

Twitter users have expressed their surprise at the decision to include Jedward in the musical line-up, with soulglider posting: ‘I fear for Obama, what will he make of #Jedward.’

Webstl added: ‘Dear TV, Please can we have a camera on Obama's bemused face during Jedward? Thanks.’

And charlisteele wrote: ‘Please don't show Obama Jedward. Please. Please. Please.’

Has the Republic sunk this low? It quite amazed me when these two twats were chosen to represent Ireland in the Eurovision song contest (not that I watched it).

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