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Friday, 25 February 2011

Holidays. I hate them.


Well I hate the hassle of organising them. This afternoon I would rather have been in Libya than having to negotiate the Easyjet online booking system. Now don’t get me wrong, I do hope that those in Libya get out safely. FE in his career, has been bombed, missiled, and shot at on many occasions. Not least the Spanish Navy helicopter pilot and his depth charge. But that’s another story. Oh, I forget that cruise missile incident.

Back to Easyjet:

They sucker you in by purporting to have low fares, and yes, they have to their credit. The same journey by other carriers is twice as much and their route to the destination we are going to, takes twice as long.

However to avail yourself of these cheap tickets you end up paying upfront, before being asked a plethora of information that you don’t have at your finger tips. Our party consisting of seven, living in various parts of the Kingdom of Great Britain, and Northern Ireland, does not make it easy to get the info at short notice.

And God help us if I’ve mispelled a name, or buggered up a passport number, an issue date, an expiry date, a date of birth, whether I require Halal food (OK, I made that one up).

I think I’ll stay at home.


  1. Effing ell. We are just trying to book a holiday online. I just want to go to the travel agent and be done with it. Mrs Bucko is having none of it because we might save 30 quid or something.

    She had a flight to Spain on Easyjet cancelled in December last year. It took 30 seconds to pay by card. It's taken over two months to get the refund and it still isnt in our account yet.

    Your job sounds harsh. Ive been spat at, swore at and had pies thrown at me behind the bars, but no ones ever pulled an RPG out.

  2. The plane Easyjet sent to Libya... is that where their scheduled flights for Naples are landing these days?


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