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Friday, 25 February 2011


I wonder if  it’ll catch on here. I suspect that it may.

Now the average Brit is a very tolerant type and has been for decades. However I think that’ll change in the next few years.

Here’s what I predict:

In 2012 the cuts will make the populace sit up from dozing on the couch (In front of the 42” TV, Natch) and realise that life is going to become very hard indeed. Petrol at £2.00 per litre for instance.

By 2015 the LibCon conspiracy is ousted by a Labour election victory.

Labour undo five years of deficit reduction, and spend, spend , spend.

Smoking is banned in cars and public places. A minimum price for alcohol is set at £1 per unit, and a new department for tackling obesity is formed.

Inflation rises to higher than the 70’s. The IMF are called in and declare the UK a basket case.

By 2018, the lights start to go out due to extensive power cuts caused by successive Governments’ obsession with Wind turbines and other useless bits of green thinking.

After clashes with the Police, the borough of Tower hamlets manages, through the  EU Court of Human Rights, to declare that it will abide by Sharia law, and non Muslims are forbidden.

In 2019, the Falkland Islands are occupied by Argentina as the UK  navy has been reduced to a coastal defence force.

Civil unrest breaks out  in the North of the UK, as unemployment reaches 50% and ACPO deploys heavily armed thugs Police Officers to break up the protests.

The BBC are forced to declare bankruptcy as  the majority of the populace have refused to pay for the license fee, to fund left wing spin and obfuscation. And of course they can’t pay their pension obligations as a majority of their funds were tied up in Green technologies.

2020. During a mass demonstration in parliament square, armed police shoot dead 20 protesters. Further protests erupt  throughout the UK. Millions take to the streets resulting in many more deaths, including a war hero from Afghanistan.

A police station is torched by angry protesters,

January 2020. After the coldest winter since the little ice age. Thousands of pensioners have died due to to the fact that they can’t heat their homes due to the green tariffs, mass protests become the norm outside the Palace of Westmonster.

Martial law declared.

Police heavy handed, co-ordinated by ACPO, ruthlessly gain control.

A hitherto unknown colonel declares his battalion in support of the protesters and clashes with the police. The Police retreat in disarray.

The chief of the General staff throws his hat into the ring and declares that the army will support regime change. The Navy which has no ships, agrees. Due to the fuel shortages the RAF can’t afford to fly in support.

A citizen march on Westminster drags out those MPs who are not in hiding and submits them to a court of “Public Opinion”. 200 are hanged from westmonster  lamposts. The rest have fled the country.

Wishful thinking.


  1. Some of that is undoubtedly wishful thinking, especially towards the end of the piece, but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if at least some of your predictions at the beginning come to pass.

  2. All depressingly plausible except for Labour undoing five years of deficit reduction - Cameramong hasn't fucking started yet and doesn't show any sign of doing so.

  3. You paint a frightening picture, FE, and, to be fair, merely one of many possible outcomes.

    At the moment, this scenario seems as likely as some and possibly even more so.

    I a reminded of the ancient Chinese curse: 'May you live in interesting times'.

    On a purely selfish note, I shall probably no longer be around when the fireworks start to go off, and for that, I am thankful that I am 'going out' rather than 'coming in'.

  4. Agree its definitely plausible.

    One thing you're definitely too optimistic on though IMHO is the power supply.

    The National Grid honestly thinks that by 2020 it will be producing between 13-29 gigawatts of power from wind.

    The old power stations start being switched off as of 2015 and by my own calculations the new build are insufficient (even assunming they complete on time), leaving us with a shortfall of at least 2.5 GW of capacity.

    We're completely f**ked.

  5. Wishfull thinking. Yes it is. You can but live in hope, I expect we'll just have more of the same. I think the majority of the populace will just allow us to sleep walk in to dictatorship

  6. Wishful thinking? I'm not so sure.
    Your story ended with the hanging of MP's, but what follows that?

    The reason that people finally take to the streets will be about cuts in spending. Once the people have taken over, I fear will will have all the wealth and assets of the rich, bankers in particular, confiscated for "Re-distribution" and some form of communism will take over.

    No revolution has ever resulted in the removal of government and the people living for themselves. In fact they usually result in a more hideous dictatorship than the one that has been removed. All for the good of the people.

    I watch the developements in the Middle East with interest as I pray to all things good that the people there will prove me completely wrong.

  7. Wide-scale power cuts might just be a kickstart for the sheeple to get of their fat arses and complain big time. Then we'll see the "dirty" power stations being fired up again...

    Blindly following EU directives isn't going to stick. We know that even ultra green Germany is cutting back on feed in tariff's, and is building many new coal fired power stations as back up for unreliable "renewable" energy. They have already suffered large scale grid failures due the unpredictable nature of this waste of grant money.

  8. Yes Bucko. I'm worried that the Muslim Brotherhood will hold the reigns of power in the near future.


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